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Setup SSO with Trusted Devices

This document will walk you through adding SSO with trusted devices to your organization. You must be an organization owner or admin to complete these steps:

  1. Open your organization and navigate to the Settings Policies page.

  2. On the Policies page, activate the following policies which are required for using trusted devices:

    • The Single organization policy.

    • The Require single sign-on authentication policy.

    • The Account recovery administration policy.

    • The Account recovery administration policy's Require new members to be enrolled automatically option.


      If you do not activate these policies beforehand, they will be automatically activated when you activate the Trusted devices member decryption option. However, if any accounts do not have account recovery enabled, they will need to self-enroll before they can use admin approval for trusted devices.

  3. Navigate to the Settings > Single sign-on page. If you haven't setup SSO yet, follow one of our SAML 2.0 or OIDC implementation guides for help.

  4. Next, select the Trusted devices option in the Member decryption options section.

Once activated, users can begin decrypting their vaults with trusted device.

If your desired outcome is to have members without master passwords who can only used trusted devices, instruct users to select Log in → Enterprise SSO from the organization invite to initiate JIT provisioning. Admins/owners should still use the Create account option so that they have master passwords for redundancy and failover purposes.


Migration from SSO with trusted devices to other member decryption options is not currently recommended:

  • If for any reason your organization needs to switch its member decryption option back to master password from trusted device encryption, you must issue master passwords using account recovery to all users onboarded without them to preserve access to their accounts. You can switch back to trusted device encryption at any time to restore service should any users lose access.

  • Moving from SSO with trusted devices to Key Connector is not supported.

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