Get Started with Bitwarden: Administrator

We're thrilled that you're considering Bitwarden for your business's secure credential sharing needs. Let's walk through the first steps we'll take towards successful partnership:

Start Your Organization

Bitwarden Organizations allow teams of any size to securely share passwords, credit cards, and more. Organizations automatically come with a 7-day free trial, so what's stopping you?

Invite Your Admin Team

Every all-star Organization needs an all-star admin team. Start inviting high-privileged users who can help you build a foundation for secure credential sharing with Bitwarden. If you’re building an Enterprise organization, you can give users highly-flexible custom permissions to fit your needs.

For protective redundancy, we recommend including at least one other Organization Owner in your newly-formed admin team.

Set Policies (Enterprise-only)

Your business has unique security needs. Use policies to build a consistent deployment and user experience for all team members, like requiring SSO authentication or enrolling users in admin password reset. To get your Organization ready for more team members, it's important to set your policies early.

Import Your Data

Is your business coming to Bitwarden from another password manager? Good news! You can import that data directly to your Organization to avoid a painful day of copy-and-pasting.

Build Groups & Collections

Once you've got items in your vault, it's a good time to set up Collections and Groups to ensure that the right users have access to the right credentials. Every Organization is different, but here are some tips to help you get started.

Invite Your Team

It's finally time to start inviting users! If you use a directory service like Active Directory, use Directory Connector to automatically sync users. Otherwise, follow the same steps you took to build your admin team to invite more users to the Organization.

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